Bacon Lane Surgery

11 Bacon Lane, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 5AT


We operate Triage led appointment system.  Please ring from 8am on the day to obtain an appointment. The receptionist will ask for your name and a contact telephone number you will then be phoned back at some point that morning/afternoon by a doctor. (Please inform the receptionist if you are available during a specific time that day e.g. lunch breaks). As soon as the doctor on triage is available, he/she will telephone you to assess if a doctor’s appointment is necessary. If it is necessary the triage doctor will assess whether you need a consultation on the same day or whether it is appropriate to book you an appointment in advance (we do have a number of pre-bookable appointments which are available to book 2 weeks in advance). Please ask for your preferred and second doctor of choice as your request will be met if possible.

  • If you think your medical condition requires URGENT medical attention, please inform the receptionist as the duty doctors advice will be sought straight away
  • The booking system for securing an appointment with a Practice nurses and Health Care Assistant remains unchanged
  • The booking system for Specialist clinics remains unchanged
  • The system for securing results remains unchanged

Please view this leaflet for further information about our Triage Appointment System.

Appointment Times

Clinics run at different times of the day to ensure as much flexibility as possible is provided for the patient.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

From 8.30am with clinics at various times during the day.


Appointments are available as above with the addition of doctor appointments being available, through the doctor triage system, in the evening.


From 7.30am with clinics at various times during the day.

Why you may be asked about the nature of the medical problem you would like to be seen for?

It is helpful if you can give as much information to the receptionist when booking your appointment. Certain procedures and types of appointments are made for different lengths of time, or with different practitioners. Also when doctors triage it is easier for them to prioritise calls accordingly to the clinical needs. Please note that although clinicians would prefer to have the above information, it is not compulsory and you may inform the receptionist if the issue is of personal/sensitive matter.

Confidentiality is obviously important for our receptionists to maintain however, if you do not wish to give information at the desk, you may be able to write it down for the receptionist, or ask to speak to someone in private. We appreciate and respect the need for confidentiality.  Staff at Bacon Lane Surgery follow strict confidentiality policy.